Whirling Knife Vortex

In last Sunday’s column in the New York Times, Frank Rich wrote yet another stunningly well-written piece about the myth of bi-partisanship. His most salient point was this:

WHAT America needs is not another political organization with a toothless agenda and less-than-transparent finances. The country will not rest easy until there are brave leaders in both parties willing to reform the system that let perpetrators of the Great Recession escape while the rest of us got stuck with the wreckage. Link.

I don’t always agree with the guy, but I love to read him. He’s just that good.

In all, though, I did agree with this article in its entirety, but I think perhaps he overlooked one of the main reasons why we currently have a government full of weasels. Our entire election process effectively weeds out anyone with any true leadership abilities. The higher up you go, the more abusive the process, and anyone with any real leadership ability to contribute to such an enterprise would rather take those talents where someone might actually appreciate them.

Real leaders are rare enough, but when you set up a barrier to entry that looks something like an institutional whirling knife vortex, don’t be surprised that politics has finally become the last refuge of the incompetent.