Will Oprah redeem herself as well?

UPDATE: Vick cancelled his appearance.

Frankly, I wish Oprah would just go away. I have little regard for anyone who regards themselves as a fan of her tawdry, useless program and self-serving magazine, but I have less for Michael Vick. Not that anyone in the Oprah-verse cares what I think, but she’d score major points in my book if she nailed this scum to the wall in her interview. I won’t hold my breath, however.

The press release says you will discuss Vick’s prison time, his return to the NFL, and his future plans. Oprah, please do not let him off the hook by not directly addressing his unspeakable cruelty. Please remember that a fine football record does not translate into a decent human being. Please probe for any indication of sincerity or true work in the area of animal welfare, outside of his necessary PR campaign.

via Open letter to Oprah Winfrey as she prepares for Michael Vick’s appearance on her show – Editor’s Notepad – The news blog for dogs and their people | Dog Time – Dog Blog Network.